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Green Machine® Sorting System
Green Machine®s Made in the USA
Made In The USA Green Machine®s Made in the USA


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  • Green Machine® Sales

This Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling System is North America’s most efficient and highest capacity processing
system, helping to keep a safe work environment.

Green Machine® Sales

E-Waste Recycling – Electronic Waste Recycling redirects

scrap metal
Tipper and infeed
sort system

environmentally damaging materials like lead and heavy metals from landfills and redirecting those materials to recycling facilities capable of recovering these high value electronic waste material commodities. Green Machine® Sales designs and manufactures North Americas most efficient and highest capacity Electronic Waste Recycling (E-Waste Recycle) processing system. Our pending front end automatic dismantler increases throughput while screener’s. magnets, shredders, vertical grinders, optical sorting and other techniques separate each commodity for market. While strategically placed and designed filtration systems create a safe work environment.

Green Machine® has earned the reputation of building the industries heaviest most durable electronic waste recycling equipment for the lowest upfront capital expense while delivering the cleanest sorted electronic waste material to end markets.

E Processing
Dust Enclosure
Air System
Sorting and
Shaker House