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Single Stream Recycling – A Mixed Recyclables System
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Single Stream - a recycling collection method sweeping the country.

Single Stream - a recycling collection method sweeping the country. Recyclers and Haulers now prefer to collect mixed recyclables at the curb improving the public’s participation and lowering their collection costs. Those mixed recyclables are traditionally comprised of news print, office paper, card board, a-septic cartons, tin, aluminum, plastics and glass. Green Machine® manufactures North Americas most efficient Single Stream recycle material recovery facilities. Green Machine's® patent pending processing systems utilize state of the art technology which automatically separate fiber materials from container streams and then further separates those commodities reaching the world’s highest paying commodity markets.

A typical Single Stream Recycle processing system begins with a large metering bin system designed to retain huge quantities of mixed recyclables feeding a homogeneous metered mix of that material to a presort line. The presort line is used to remove plastics bags through pneumatic collection tubes and larger ridged plastics and other items too large for the downstream system to process.

Then an OCC Screening system automatically removes all bulky cardboard. Glass is then removed through glass breaker screens then fibers are automatically separated from containers over News and Polishing Screens .

The container sort line utilizes magnets, ballistic air separators, optical container sorters and aluminum eddy current systems to sort each commodity. Fiber sort lines utilize a combination of manual and or Optical Fiber Sorters designed to separate each of those commodities. Each clean sorted commodity is then baled into highly compacted cubes or shipped loose to domestic or overseas markets.

Green Machine® has earned the reputation of building the industries heaviest most durable equipment for the lowest upfront capital expense while delivering the cleanest sorted material to end markets.