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  • Single Stream Recycling Plastics

    Single Stream Recycling System
    processing at 50,25,12 TPH

    Recyclers and Haulers now prefer to collect mixed recyclables at the curb improving the public’s participation and lowering their collection costs. Those mixed recyclables are traditionally comprised of news print, office paper, card board, a-septic cartons, tin, aluminum, plastics and glass. Green Machine® manufactures North Americas most efficient Single Stream recycle material recovery facilities. Read More

  • optical sorting equipment

    Green Eye® Optical Sorting
    Recycling System

    Patent pending optical sorting vision system collect's 3-dimensional information on a molecular level. This process allows us to see through outer wrappers, identify unique molecules and colors. Our high speed processor collects information at accelerator conveyor belt speeds up to 900 FPM achieving never before seen throughput rates with 95% + accuracy. Read More

  • Dry Waste Recycling

    Dry Waste Recycling

    Dry Waste - a recycling collection method utilized primarily with Retail and Industrial waste generators. Recyclers now can collect all recyclables mixed together improving participation and lowering collection costs. Read More

  • Fiber Sorting Equipment

    Fiber Sorting Systems

    Systems are designed to separate various types and grades of fiber materials such as Card Board, News Print, High Grade Office Paper and other wood fiber based materials. Read More

  • C&D Recycling Equipment

    C&D Recycling

    Construction and Demolition waste recycling materials are accepted mixed where very heavy duty equipment is utilized to separate each commodity by type. Read More

  • ELECTRONIC Waste Recycling Equipment

    E-Waste Recycling

    Electronic Waste Recycling redirects environmentally damaging materials like lead and heavy metals from landfills and redirecting those materials to recycling facilities capable of recovering these high value electronic waste material commodities. Read More

  • MSW-Recycling

    Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

    Vibrating body is designed to withstand the necessary high gravity force stroke required (3 G’s minimum and higher) to efficiently Accept, Feed, Segregate, Separate, mitigate glass breakage as well as evenly feed MSW to the downstream process equipment. These items are critical to efficiently process and separate MSW into distinctly separate processing streams by size and characteristic. Read More

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment

    Scrap Metal Recycling

    System runs at extremely high rates of production. Equipment capable of loading a container in 10 minutes Machine Manufactures and designs a wide variety of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous processing equipment primarily for use in recycling. Our Scrap Metal System is made up of conveyor systems - auto shredder in feeds, Automotive conveyors, Tumble Back Feeders, radial stackers.
    Read More

  • Caniainer Sorting Equipment

    Container Sorting System

    GMS designs and manufactures both manual and fully automatic container sorting systems. Manual sorting systems deploy ergonomic sorting designs which maximize manual sort production while minimizing repetitive motion injury to your employees. Read More

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  • waste sorting
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Green Machine® is one of the industry’s leading experts in recycling and waste management systems. We offer a number of different recycling equipment that is durable, dependable, and efficient. Many of our recycling machines have been held up as examples of outstanding products that increase throughput while keeping costs low.

Below are some of the different areas in which Green Machine® offers recycle machinery:

  • C&D Recycling
  • Dry Waste Recycling
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Fiber Sorting Systems
  • Green Eye® Optical Sorting Systems
  • Scrap Metal Recycling

Our waste recycling equipment can be tailored to each client’s individual needs. We also offer tours of our facilities so that clients can see our waste equipment systems and sorting equipment in action. Our engineers continue to create innovative new solutions to clients’ needs, making us the go-to waste recycling sorting equipment manufacturer in the United States.

You’ll find more information about our various recycling equipment or machines for sorting waste on the individual system pages. If you have more questions, please contact a Green Machine® sales representative.

Green Machine® offers its customers full service in-house system installation and service capabilities.

Turn-key installations include mechanical equipment erecting/installation, electrical field wiring and pre-wired systems, site work building modifications and complete system commissioning including training of maintenance and operations personnel.

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What People are Saying


Green Machine gains attention for its newly installed 35-TPH single-stream system at County Waste and Recycling.

N.H. and N.Y.-based Green Machine Sales LLC’s recently completed single-stream recycling plant for County Waste in Albany, N.Y., is turning heads with end markets and processors alike.
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“Mills love our Material”

Giordano Cos., Newark, N.J., installed its GREEN MACHINE single-stream/dry waste recycling system this spring and a GREEN EYE optical sorting system with glass breaker last summer.
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“I was immediately impressed...”

LFF Recycling Inc. located near Washington D.C. has installed a GREEN MACHINE Single Stream Recycling System.
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Casual Living Unlimited’s newly commissioned baled plastics processing plant began accepting mixed bales this January. James Allgyer, owner of Casual Living, needed a cheaper, more reliable source of clean feedstock for his high-quality plastic wood furniture company.
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Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service located in the upstate New York community of Owego, commissioned its GREEN MACHINE single-stream/commercial dry waste recycling system in September of 2012. Owners Bob Taylor and son Jared had operated a dual-stream recycling plant in Tioga County for years.
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GREEN EYE® Keeps a Sharp Lookout

Revolutionary optical sorting technology from Green Machine Sales LLC helps Indiana recycler sort its PET plastics.
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