Ballistic belt separators

Compact light to heavy fiber removal

Green Machine® ballistic belt separators remove light to heavy fibers from your recycling stream, prior to container sorting.  The principal behind our design is a combination air column and belt technologies to divert heavy 3D material and light fiber fraction from your container stream.  This relatively simple, compact and affordable component can be retrofitted within most existing Green Machine sort lines.  Our ballistic belt separator is your system’s last line of defense to remove fiber from your material stream prior to the container sort line.    

obtain profitable fiber streams

Running Green Machine’s ballistic bounce belt separator in tandem with our glass breaker and fines removal screen, and cyclone vacuum, ensures that you will receive the cleanest possible end product by removing remaining glass, fines, dust, and debris. Brokers agree that Green Machine single-stream recycling system owners are known for producing some of the best fiber streams.  

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