Versatile line solutions

Green Machine® has decades of experience in designing and building conveyor lines that meet and exceed the safety and maintenance requirements of our customers.  We have multiple conveyor line options to ensure your material is running efficiently  and at maximum capacity.      

slider bed conveyor

Ergonomic belt widths provide the perfect reach for manual and automated sorters to be able to pick without overreaching, providing more precision and higher purity rates.  

idler style conveyor

Perfect for smaller abrasives such as glass, rocks, and more.  Our Idlers are designed to push materials away from the edge, reducing belt and sidewall wear and tear.

chain edge conveyor

For initial material in feed to your system or baler. Built using heavy-duty steel belts or a combo belt which is part steel and rubber makes it cheaper while maintaining durability.

sort conveyor

Utilized for manual or automated sorting lines, equipped with; emergency push and pull stops, cushioned siding for comfort. Equipped with internally reversing systems that allows desired material to ride the belt backwards and drop into a single bunker.

radial stacker conveyor

This manual or powered conveyor line pivots at the tail and rolls from left to right on an axis once your material pile reaches its max height, enabling you to keep sorting without having to wait until all of your material is picked up.  Perfect solution for high tonnages and bulky construction & demolition materials.

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