enhance downstream efficiency & command tonnages

Place a Green Machine® metering bin at the beginning of your system to enhance downstream efficiency by producing an even flow of material and controlling throughput. Our metering bin is built with a heavy-duty steel chain-edge belt equipped with a variable drive to command tonnage rates. Our bin's robust metering wheel is designed to pull larger material to the top of your stream, making it easier for pre-sorters to pick out bulkier, potentially dangerous, items. Corrugated steel impact walls act as a push barricade and protecting your system while loading

The overall fill capacity of our metering bins range from 40 to 120 cubic yards.  We can adjust feed heights to accommodate varying feed loaders or restrictions.

bag opener system add-on

We offer a bag opening system add-on over the metering wheel to release bagged waste and recyclables. This makes it easy for pre-sorters to remove plastics bags that potentially damage or reduce efficiency of downstream equipment.

As bags are pulled up the metering wheel, the bag opener's fingers lift and then tear open the bags with metal spikes.  Spacing between the bag opener's fingers and the metering wheel is fully adjustable, and the fingers are designed to lift and lower as bags pass under them to avoid jam-ups.

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