Green Machine's i-BOT Robotic Sorter is our solution to the recycling market's need for automation.  A human can sort approximately 30-40 picks per minute, our competitors can reach up to 70 picks per minute – we can do 100 picks per minute!

The i-BOT Robotic Sorter is the most advanced system on the market today.  Green Machine is the first company that’s able to put up to 32 robots in a row, all working off a single patented Green Eye® Hyperspectral Vision System.  Each robot can be trained to pick four separate commodities at the same time, while covering a belt that’s up to 72” wide.    

advanced robotics
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Green Machine is able to deliver its robotic sorters at a price point that’s unmatched by our competitors, due to the fact that every arm runs off the same vision system. Our i-BOTS can pick virtually every type of material ranging from fibers, cardboards, plastics, textiles, e-waste, organics, residuals, and much more!   

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