patented hyperspectral

Green Machine’s patented Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical Sorters use the latest advancements in neural network AI driven software in tandem with cutting-edge hyperspectral cameras to provide the processing power required to meet today’s stringent commodity markets in real-time.  Our sorters generate 3-D images based on shape and chemical composition.  This allows the identification and classification of a wider range of materials including fibers, cardboards, plastics, C&D materials, textiles, and virtually every other type of material. Our systems greatly outperform our competitor’s 2-D generated images from near-infrared (NIR) technology. 

increase your system's efficiency

Operate at speeds over 900 FPM, simultaneously sorting desired or undesired items at a 95% or better accuracy rate, and 90% collection rate. Let us help you eliminate the need for manual post-sorting and improve your ability to bale and sell to stringent buyers. If you’re looking to build new, retrofit, or just add automation to your pre-existing system, we can help!    

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