advanced sorting capabilities

Green Machine’s plastics recovery facilities are built with advanced patented technologies to make it possible to separate a wider range of post-consumer plastics such as PET, PET Thermoforms, HDPE Natural, HDPE Colored, Polypropylene, and even remaining #3-#7 waste plastics.  If you're processing bales, dual-stream collected material, or even back-end single-stream containers, it’s important to design a system that removes any remaining fibers, cardboard, glass, or any other contamination, to guarantee highest paying secondary markets.  


Green Machine® uses a combination of mechanical disk screens, air ballistic separators, magnetics, but primarily focuses its systems around patented Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical and i-BOT® Robotic Sorters. Our hyperspectral technologies can pick any desired plastic singularly, or simultaneously, reaching 95% pick rates at a 99% cleanliness rate.

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