Integrated Single & Dual-Stream Recycling System

Integrated Single & Dual-Stream Recycling System

Recycling market conditions have prompted some municipalities and haulers to convert to dual-stream material collection (fibers separated from containers collected at the curb). One Central Jersey Green Machine® customer requested that we design an upgrade to their 2015 vintage 25 TPH Green Machine® single-stream recycling system to process an additional 13 TPH of dual-stream materials.

How it Works

Green Machine® engineers designed a second container processing line, adding one high capacity Patented Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical PET plastics sorter with the understanding that the existing PET, natural and colored HDPE sorters would handle the additional tonnage, while dual stream fibers are mixed in with the existing single stream tonnages without any decrease in system throughput. No upgrades were required of the existing single stream line to process the additional mixed fiber tonnage, due to the flexibility and efficiency of the existing Green Machine® equipment.

The new container sort system runs parallel with the existing system included a metering bin, a bulky material pre-sort mezzanine system, a large GreenScreens® Polishing Screen, a glass breaker, and an 84” Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical PET sorter. With the early removal of all fibers, glass contamination, and 98% of PET, the (3) 4-year-old existing Green Eye® Optical Sorters keep up nicely with the added container tonnages.

Increased Processing by 13 TPH

An additional Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical #3-#7’s mixed plastics sorter was added to the end of the existing container array to automatically remove all remaining waste plastics.This Central New Jersey Green Machine® customer increased their system throughput by more than 13 TPH and drastically reduced their material out-throws to well under 3% off the end of their line.

Green Eye Optical Sorter

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