LFF Recycling Impressed with Lack of Green Screen® Wrapping

LFF Recycling Impressed with Lack of Green Screen® Wrapping

LFF Recycling Inc. located near Washington D.C., has installed a Green Machine® single-stream recycling system.  LFF Recycling and Con-Serve Industries an independent hauling company in Sterling, Virginia are now accepting construction and demolition (C&D), single-stream, and dry waste materials within their 48,000 sq. ft. building.  

“We chose to work with Green Machine® for two reasons, they provided the smartest system layout that fit our limited space, and met our dual use facility’s requirements, all while staying within budget,” said Fabian Larco the owner of both LFF Recycling and Con-Serve Industries. 

Impressed with Green Screens® Wrap Resistance

“I was immediately impressed with the lack of material wrapping on our Green Screens®,this was a real nuisance with my prior systems. We now go days rather than hours before we need to clean the Green Screens®,”  said Jim Langemier LFF’s Operations Manager.

LFF’s new single-stream system can process up to 500 tons of residential material per day.

“We built this plant to handle our own recycling collection routes with plenty of additional capacity to accommodate outside materials. We hope to fill a local need for a conveniently located independent recycling plant within the Washington D.C. area,” says Fabian.

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