Southern Tier Recycling & Taylor Garbage Impress Mills

Southern Tier Recycling & Taylor Garbage Impress Mills

Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service located in Owego NY, commissioned its Green Machine® single-stream and commercial dry waste recycling system in September of 2012. Owners Bob Taylor and son Jared had operated a dual-stream recycling plant in Tioga County for years.

“We were skeptical moving to single-stream,” says Bob Taylor. “We had heard of all the problems other single-stream plants were having making clean end product. Our Green Machine® system, however, produces as clean a product as our former dual-stream system.”
“I was surprised at how much material our system can push through. We are definitely going to be looking for additional material to feed this system so it can meet its potential,” adds Jared Taylor.

Recycling System Showcases New OCC Separation Screen

“It was a pleasure working with the Taylors again. In 1991 we built their first recycling plant in Broome County, N.Y. Our fabrication plant is only minutes from Bob and Jared’s new recycling plant,” said John Green, President of Green Machine®.  “This latest 24 TPH system design, which showcases our newly designed OCC separation screen, Fiber Screens and Green Eye®Optical Sorter, will offer future customers an opportunity to visit both locations in one trip.”

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