The First Wrap Resistant Rotary Screens Just Got Better!

The First Wrap Resistant Rotary Screens Just Got Better!

Green Machine® is proud to introduce the revamped patented wrap-resistant disc and spacer design for our GREEN SCREENS®.  As a result, our screens have increased protection against material wrapping and jam-ups by optimizing the size and geometry of its discs and spacers, all while keeping the preferred two-piece design for easy maintenance and disc spacing modifications.

Larger Spacer Diameter & Reinforced Disc Longevity

Changing Green Machine’s® spacer shape from a hexagon to a pentagon made it possible to increase its diameter, while keeping the two-piece rubber finger disks.  The larger diameter and decrease in space between shafts both inhibit material wrapping and reduce the possibility of material jams.  The discs were also updated with thicker fingers to increase durability, while improving the ability to throw material forward enhancing tonnage capacity.                                    

Moving Forward  

This new design is being deployed on current and future GREEN SCREENS® and can be implemented in many of Green Machine’s current systems as an upgrade.  

Green Screens New Patented Disc and Spacer Design

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